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BASE 4092

The Range Consists Today Of Five Fragrances Volnay
Objet Celeste - Etoile d’Or - Perlerette - Yapana - Brume d'Hiver

The fragrances have retained their dominant scent of origin which René Duval baptised as a single number: base 4092 (powdery, rose, vanilla and clove). It is a valuable sign of recognition and personality and the affirmation of a unique identity.

All – with the exception of Objet Céleste - are the original names. They have the romantic charm of the Art Deco period. They evoke with elegant metaphors nature, heaven and earth, light or a shadowy mist, a pearl and its precious gown. They offer an olfactory range destined to appeal to both men and women because their diversity is strongly affirmed. The Volnay house resurrects with a beautiful modernity the fragrances widely used in the twenties - powdery notes of vanilla based on rose and clove, with subtle aromas and rare alliances such as Cypriol, Ambrette, Golden Stone, Suede and Green Vanilla.