Etoile d'Or

is irresistible. It is a journey through time. Recreated by respecting the original formula, it takes us back to the 1920s. The focus is to find the Parisian chic of the early century. The Etoile d’Or perfume was designed for powerful people, for men and women of character. This oriental floral, much appreciated by perfumers of the past, is the way to become even more desirable.

The sensations :

The surge :

The character :

The wake :

Playful and malicious accords, which beyond the singular notes of bergamot and lavender, capture the senses with the sensual and carnal side of spicy oriental. The suede note provides a velvety feel, which adds a new dimension to the sensuality of the fragrance.

Italian bergamot, Country lavender

Egyptian jasmine, Absolute Turkish rose

Base 4092, Siam benzoin, Tonka bean, Substitute oak moss, Suede note, Musk powder