flacons parfums



Volnay confided to two designers, Anne Durand and Patrick Millet, the artistic direction of the brand. They chose to respect heritage by breathing it a new asserted contemporary spirit.

The Volnay perfume flacon of today is inspired by Art Deco and renews its stylistic codes. Its round, slightly convex shape provides a feeling of fullness and softness to the touch. From the front, the sides of the flacon appear like glass waves which unfold and spread, giving the impression of a magnifying glass. The rear side is carved, reminiscent of the twenties, where perfume cases and powder boxes adorned bathrooms as small works of art.

The heavy cap in Zamac anthracite closes with an elegant click, and follows the round shape of the bottle. A silk cord is attached to it, a different color depending on the fragrance, and carries a small metal plate engraved with the name of the perfume.