Germaine Duval

Germaine Madeline Duval

An Exceptional Woman, A Passion For Perfumes

Germaine Madeline Duval is a rebellious and adventurous woman, and the first female passenger to fly over the Andes.

A love for travel, her destiny was determined during an Atlantic crossing. On a ship bound for NewYork, she met the man who would become her second husband, René Duval.

He worked for François Coty, she was a model for Lanvin. From that encounter was born a beautiful love story: the Volnay Perfume House. These two lovers were fond of elegance and sophistication with a keen sense of excellence and prestige - a rarity combined with a great sense of marketing. This beautiful, strong-willed woman, inspired by the revolution of Art Nouveau which transformed the arts, fashion and architecture of the time, proved to be a true business woman. Very quickly, the perfume house radiated throughout all spectrums where elegant and beautiful people gathered, dreaming of French chic and eagerly awaiting for Paris’ latest products. From London, Brussels and Milan to Buenos Aires, Sydney, Melbourne, Montreal and New York, the press bestowed upon Volnay the sublime tribute: “The most luxurious perfume in Paris in the most beautiful flacon in the world.”