name chosen by Germaine Madeline in memory of an aromatic plant in Latin America with medicinal properties, is a fragrance that makes you feel good. It is enveloping, warm and powerful. The combination of rare ingredients such as Golden Stone and Green vanilla gives the fragrance a strangeness and modernity. This oriental leathery scent, with amber notes, opens the doors of luxury and refinement.

The sensations :

The surge :

The character :

The wake :

A fiery entrance, amber, musky, whose flamboyance is tamed by the warm notes of an oriental accord of citrus and vanilla.

Italian bergamot, Pink pepper, Bigarade grapefruit

Base 4092, Ylang Ylang, Rose, Elemi, Helional

Siam benzoin, Labdanum, Indo patchouli, Rice bran, Iris, Golden Stone, Green vanilla